Consulting OptionsCalifornia Security Consulting

Armaplex Security is equipped to provide you with all types of security consulting to help you avoid unnecessary security risk and to comply with government regulations. A big part of reducing your risk is to understand what those risks are and to have experts recommend cost efficient mitigation measures. But ROI (Return on Investment) is essential and each Security dollar spent should be tied directly to an identifiable risk in order to maximize the return on investment and prevent waste.

California Security Consulting:

  • Security Floor Plans
  • Site Security Risk Assessments-building inspections
  • Background checks on employees
  • Security Audits of your operations
  • Personnel Training
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Advice and support for HR issues/high risk terminations
  • Investigations to uncover theft or fraud

Additional Consulting:

  • Executive Protection/Transportation
  • Training for employees traveling to high risk areas
  • Kidnap & Recovery Consulting
  • Security Program Development
  • Gold Room/Refinery Security
  • O&G Refinery/Pipeline Security
  • Intelligence and Information Gathering
  • Counter Surveillance
  • VPs on Human Rights Audits/Training
  • Crisis/Emergency Management