Financial Security
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Keep your cannabis dispensary profitable and secure with world-class service, 24/7 security monitoring and risk assessment throughout California (some services available nationwide).


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    Armaplex Security - Cannabis Security Company

    Welcome to Armaplex
    Security Services

    California based security and risk company with a focus on filling gaps in the security industry.
    Armaplex Security offers a full suite of security products and services while providing you exceptional customer support.

    Exclusive Services
    With Competitive Prices

    Armaplex Security is equipped to provide you with a full suite of security services and products for cannabis dispensaries in California. As a California-based security company, we are committed to helping you navigate the maze of obstacles to ensure you remain secured at all times. PPO License: #120159.

    Armaplex is a California Security Company
    That Provides Security Services For Cannabis Dispensaries

    Armaplex leadership has worked with other industry leaders to shape California laws and regulations.


    We Offer Security Strategies And
    Superior Services

    Armaplex Security personnel have decades of security, law enforcement and military experience and have secured billions of dollars’ worth of cash and assets around the globe. We also bring the latest tactics and technologies to your disposal when you hire us to provide any of our products or services for your sites or projects.

    Case Study: Company A

    Company “A” suffered a loss of $200K of product during a robbery before they brought Armaplex Security in to “harden” their site by installing motion sensors and cameras on the roof of their building. Armaplex also wrote procedures that insured all high value product was properly stored overnight in a way that was more secure.

    Case Study: Company B

    Company “B” suffered shrinkage of product every month due to internal theft until asking Armaplex to create procedures that required employees to follow specific steps in checking their personal bags and to observe strict inventory controls.


    Industries We Serve

    Retail Stores

    Armaplex Security provides security products and services such as security plans, surveillance cameras, armed and unarmed guards. You have worked hard to get your license and to establish a business that serves your customers and you need to be able to count on your security company to help keep your people and your product safe and secure.


    Cultivators, manufacturers, processors, distributors and other operators rely on Armaplex Security to provide peace of mind and protection for their businesses. Your business may be processing and storing large amounts of high value product and cash and you don’t want to leave the protection of those assets to chance.

    Cash Transit

    Cash transit can be tricky for businesses that handle large amounts of currency and Armaplex can pick it up and take it where you need it. We can also recommend solutions for the handling and safekeeping of your cash that meets the requirements of your insurance company and keeps your investors happy.

    Security Guards

    Office buildings, apartment complexes, malls and all other types of businesses often need a responsible person to protect their sites or to just provide good customer service and attention to clients, visitors and employees. Armaplex works hard to hire and train the best people for your business and to provide the attentive service that you expect.


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